Sunday, 26 August 2012

Out of the Journal - Week 4 and Creative Swaps Prayer Flags

It's Week 4 of
Dina Wakley's

This week my canvas board base is
10" x 8"
and I used acrylic paints,
charcoal pencil and a book page.

(Be Brave)
I need to remind myself to be brave
and not always settle for the easy option.

I signed up for Lenna's
Prayer Flag Swap.
I haven't a clue why, because I don't know
one end of a sewing machine from the other
but, you know, maybe I was trying to 
'Be Brave'.
Anyway, after a lot of procrastination
I got on with them (which involved a lot
of swearing at the evil sewing machine)
and they went in the post yesterday.
I really hope they reach Lenna in time to 
take part in the swap.

I made four -
three for the swap and one for Lenna
who is always so encouraging and helpful.
The flags are all much the same, 
just with slightly different edging etc 
depending on what I had in my stash.

I used some plain fabric along with an 
old school dress of Hope's
 (which had got obscenely short - 
or have her legs got amazingly long?!).
Using her school dress inspired me to think 
about learning about life and what 
Nature teaches us, should we care to listen.

I sewed fabric ruler tape
at the top of the flag on the cord 'sleeve'.
I hand stitched,
"Learn from Nature"
on the front and using Staz-on ink 
I rubber stamped a bee.
Our poor bee population is really struggling due to,
amongst other factors, the increased use of pesticides.
We need our bees for pollination and our 
farmers are really worried for their crops.

(back of prayer flag)
On the back of the flag I machine stitched 
fabric tapes, including one which says, 
"Thank you teacher".

These flags are very rough and ready
but the idea is that they are strung on a cord 
and left outside, and as the elements work 
on the flags, the wish or hope is taken off 
into the atmosphere.

I didn't think nature would mind 
a few loose threads!

I'm looking forward to receiving my swapped flags,
and I'll be making more of my own to go with them.



marigold jam said...

Love the idea of the prayer flags and yours are great. Hope you are enjoying your weekend - not exactly hot sunshine here but at least it's dry today how is it with you?

missy k said...


I love your canvas... it's so sweet.
Great colours too.

The Prayer Flag Swap sounds fun... yours are lovely.... hope you and the sewing machine are friends again now!!!


SusieJ said...

Love the prayer flags..what a wonderful idea.
The canvas is gorgeous.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

How brave to try to master the sewing machine! My efforts in this direction are not good. Well done for getting them finished and remembering the bees. Nice canvas, too. But remember, they are called Prayer flags not swear flags if you make any more! Valerie

Eileen said...

The prayer flag swap is a nice idea...I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience!

Sam said...

Really love your be brave canvas and the prayer flags are brilliant. Fab little bee stamped onto fabric and love the tapes sewn on the back x

BadPenny said...

I think you were more than brave...down right BRILLIANT ! I adore your canvas & the Prayer flags are perfect in every way xx

I am always amazed coming over here Jo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joanna, these are wonderful. I can't believe you did the hand stitching for the prayer/wish on all 4 flags. Wow! I am impressed. I love that they are made with recycled fabric from Hope's school dress plus that you made an extra for me!! So appreciate that . . . . You were brave and used your machine! Thanks again, I am pretty sure they will make it just fine with 2 weeks travel-time. xoxox

menopausalmusing said...

Echoing Penny's sentiments..... truly lovely work.

clare said...

fabulous canvas and your prayer flag are wonderful.x

Sue said...

Love both the canvas and the prayer flags. I think we all need to learn to be brave about one thing or another.

Marjie Kemper said...

I adore your new canvas... the cage seems to be coming right off the base... love it!

Michellem said...

Your canvas board is beautiful plus it features a great daily reminder.

Laura said...

This came out beautifully. I love your palette - the birdcage is so graceful - the whole thing looks very serene.

veronica said...

love the texture. great print bird too!

Carmen said...

I was just reading about prayer flags in this months Artists and Illustrators - there wasn't a feature on them but an artist who had made an expedition to Mount Everest had included the ones he saw at Base Camp in one of his paintings... I love your take on them. Somehow... they don't seem religious, more hopeful and positive vibey if that makes sense? And therefore I like them!

As for your canvasses, I swear you should get prints and turn them into postcards or greetings cards. They are so gorgeous, every time!

Terri Neggers said...

I love your canvas - the colors, and birdcage, and so clever to make the bird out of a book page. I think we can all use regular reminders to be brave as well - maybe we should just tattoo it on our forearms!

And I hadn't heard of prayer flags before, such a lovely idea. I really like the sweet rusticness (is that a word?) of yours, with the handstitching and loose threads - that's the kind of sewn project that appeals to me...

JansArtyJunk said...

Gorgeous Canvas Jo!!! LOVE your prayer are so talented!!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Lovely choice to submit to AiBL header good luck!